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eCommerce is becoming an increasingly important factor in the business of any business and in the local market has already become one of the most important sales channels in key industries. Start your eCommerce with BoostDigital and improve your business. In addition to software web-shop solutions, we will also help you more clearly define the goals and strategy of your online business.

The realization of a successful and stable eCommerce project in today's local market is much cheaper compared to the developed markets of Europe and the world. There are two key factors that determine this, and these are the services of developing and maintaining a web shop and online traffic. This does not mean that the project is simpler due to some specifics of local markets related to consumer shopping habits, primarily the preference to order goods through inbox or some other form of direct communication and cash on delivery as the main method of payment.

However, these customer habits are changing slightly, primarily due to the actions of banks aimed at increasing the use of cards as a method of payment, which Boost Digital can provide on your sales platforms.

For a successful web shop, in addition to all the above, it is necessary to have a quality website that will have optimal conversion rates, which means that the site loads quickly, is easy to use and that the number of steps required to complete the order is minimal


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